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As part of need to keep our canal and lake front looking great and functional for boating and swimming the association works to upkeep the problem areas as much as the budget will allow.  Please keep in contact with this page for updates on what is being done and when as well as proposed ideas for the future. 

During the last 2 summers we have had 3 canal treatments each year.  This year, 2015 will be another 3.  Many of you have commented how great the canal looks since we started doing these treatments on a regular bases.  Having a good looking canal helps improve the value of everyone property as well as helping boaters.  Your dues helps make this possible.  If you are a boater or not everyone benefits in having a good looking canal free of lillypads and weeds.  The homes of Jefferson also benefit and we have received moneys from a number of those residents to help with the costs.